China has chosen to let me blog again. I’m quite happy about this.

Few new posts worth checking out.

-weak show from the NYTimes. For a paper in danger of going under you’d think that they’d do some decent journalism instead of pandering to the Western crowd.

-for when you don’t have eight hours to surf the net…i.e. when you’re not unemployed or in college.

-Good U.S. market indicator…I wonder how many A.I.G. reps could name the Dow 30.

By the way…. …Honestly Nassim Nicholas Taleb..go get Sun T’zud. One of these fads comes along every four-five years on Wall Street. First it was Art of War, then it was Liar’s Poker, then it was When Genius Failed, now its The Black Swan, all of these are articulate and intellectually stimulating reads, but none of them provide any new information! Each book cited simply reference and summarizes past events into easily understood situations. A major problem with Wall Street (and this is certainly one of the causes of Bubbles) is that investors/traders/bankers act as lemmings. Once one person starts to invest in something and it works the rest follow. That’s not neccessarily a bad thing, its just human nature. The key is to break it…And I don’t need to follow the “Black Swan” to do so.
Glad to be back.


By the way, which looks more fun, Carnival or St. Patty’s… The Irish lose once again… and I’m not ashamed to admit it.