Everyone knows what the traditional globe usually looks like. North America on the top left, South America on the bottom left, Europe top right, Africa bottom right, Asia far right. The entire globe centered around the Atlantic. Maybe its time we start reconsidering that alignment.

As far as I’m considered the globe was originally positioned that way because it highlighted the global powers of the twentieth century. Europe, mainly England and the United States were the preeminent global powers. England on its way out, the States on its way in. Perhaps now we should start to reposition that globe again. Maybe we should center it around the Pacific for the twenty-first century. The United States is now the declining power and China is the rising force.

China’s request for a new baseline global currency in place of the USD is one of the first multi-lateral economic power moves that “Uncle Wen” and President Hu Jintao have really made. It won’t be the last.

Maybe global warming makes the below map evaporate.

82785111Leaving us with the below one.