Couple more pictures for y’all. Gordie Howe aKa Mr. Hockey. Mark Messier the

quintessential power forward, although that towel is a little short… and finally the “Next One,” Sidney Crosby. Howe is the no nonsense hockey player, yea sure he might be posing a little bit but at the very least you can tell that man is a tough son of a bitch. Mess is the picture of pure happiness, granted who wouldn’t be happy next to Gary Coleman, but you can tell that its not manufactured joy on his face (unless the joy is manufactured outta a few too many beers). Sid the Kid finally has that pouty model look going, you can tell he is produced by a team of agents and publicists. He whines and bitches too often (see: his reaction to Ovechkin’s goal celebrations; “Like it or lump it, that’s


what he does,” Crosby said. “Some people like it, some people don’t. Personally, I don’t like it.”) All I’m saying is there is a crosby_gqreason that its called a game, act like you enjoy it Sid.