So I know that I’m sometimes not completely up on so-called “current events,” but that being said I recently discovered an internet image source that I think is probably still under-utilized. Last year as “Life Magazine” drifted into the annals of history, Google made a savvy business move agreeing to maintain an internet database sourc through their “Google Image” search function. Now you can browse a small portion of Life’s photo archive simply by typing “source:Life” after any image query. Credit Uniwatch ( with the find. According to Paul from Uniwatch when all is said and done the entire Life collection, Ten Million Strong will be listed on Google. Beautiful Pictures like this one of Elvis in Germany

cOr this of Terry Sawchuk:

c-4Pretty gorgeous huh?

On another note, KFC is planning on replacing potholes in Illinois with pavement covered with their own logos. The US government could use the help in highway maintenance and KFC could use the exposure in the States. Personally I think that KFC should be kowtowing at the feet of whatever commissioner there is here in China begging to try the same advertisments in one of the cities over here. Chinese love that krispy original flavored goodness and they definitely love driving like maniacs, so at the very least all those accident victims would have something to look at while they wait for the Men in Blue.,kfc-potholes-road-repair-032609.article

One Love.

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