Its been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, but I’ve been busy as all hell!
So my stay in Shanghai has been extended, at least for six more months, probably for a full year and change.

I’ve dived right into my new job, can it still be a job if you’re not getting paid though? I wonder… If you want to see any of my work, they can all be read here. The Shanghaiist (Shanghai’s Most Read English-Language Blog!) has been a good experience for me so far, helped me improve my writing skills, and given me a couple of really cool opportunities.

As of two weeks ago (or seventeen days ago) I have been to two Shanghai Shenhua soccer matches, one John Legend concert, interviewed two DJs, been to a DJ Dexter show, been to a DJ-Showcase, been to a non-profit alternative art exhibition, and have still had the time to write two articles a day. The Shanghaiist quite simply has forced me to be on top of my shiite. Furthermore I’ve gotten to realize how much cool stuff goes on in a city this size on the average day. There’s a reason people like the BIG CITY LIFE.

On to the links of the day:
If you ever get bored and feel like improving that brain power a little bit: TED is the word.

I’ll make this one disclaimer though, most of the presenters on TED are a bit full of themselves, so don’t drink too much of the Kool-Aid.


Interesting take on Customer Experience Surveys, how hard is it to provide pleasant, accurate, and helpful customer service?

Also, I’m looking for good leads in Shanghai, restaurants, bars, interviews, stories. If you hook it up, maybe I put you in the article. Make you famous.