So as I prepare for the next part of my life as a big, bad, soulless trader, I’ve taken the opportunity to familiarize myself with the current financial crisis as well as ones past as much as possible, a pretty obvious thing to do. My father gave me A Bubble that Broke the World by Garet Garett, a book that concerns the credit bubble that was at the center of the Great Depression and I am currently in the process of reading that. I have read all the classic Wall Street horror stories, Long Term Capital, Liar’s Poker, etc. Hell I even worked at Countrywide in the last days of its run in the sun.

All of these stories and situations have one thing in common, they were all too good to be true (funny how that motto seems applicable to pretty much everything). Now I’m finding out that some mathmetician who probably would’ve been better served in an industry other than Finance (another problem all together) apparently created the formula that proved correlation between two vehicles? We’re supposed to believe this? The great powers that be on Wall Street said…”hmm that makes sense, this formula accurately displays the correlation between any and all vehicles in spite of any exterior influences.” WHAT!??!?

Listen, I know the way that the market works, booms and busts, people get caught up in the hype and they follow the cash like lemmings follow the leader, but in no way does that mean the market can be simplified down into defined mathematical formulas. The market relies on the intangible influence of the human effect, that is something that cannot be forgotten.

Couple of links for y’all

My first Shanghaiist Article
Mark Cuban’s Take on Twitter. Is the next bubble the Twitter bubble? God I hope not.
Maurice Clarett’s Blog from the Inside. Clearly a sad tale, but its comforting to know that despite his past missteps the guy seems like he’s finally got his head on straight.

Anyways, enjoy!




Couple more pictures for y’all. Gordie Howe aKa Mr. Hockey. Mark Messier the

quintessential power forward, although that towel is a little short… and finally the “Next One,” Sidney Crosby. Howe is the no nonsense hockey player, yea sure he might be posing a little bit but at the very least you can tell that man is a tough son of a bitch. Mess is the picture of pure happiness, granted who wouldn’t be happy next to Gary Coleman, but you can tell that its not manufactured joy on his face (unless the joy is manufactured outta a few too many beers). Sid the Kid finally has that pouty model look going, you can tell he is produced by a team of agents and publicists. He whines and bitches too often (see: his reaction to Ovechkin’s goal celebrations; “Like it or lump it, that’s


what he does,” Crosby said. “Some people like it, some people don’t. Personally, I don’t like it.”) All I’m saying is there is a crosby_gqreason that its called a game, act like you enjoy it Sid.

So I know that I’m sometimes not completely up on so-called “current events,” but that being said I recently discovered an internet image source that I think is probably still under-utilized. Last year as “Life Magazine” drifted into the annals of history, Google made a savvy business move agreeing to maintain an internet database sourc through their “Google Image” search function. Now you can browse a small portion of Life’s photo archive simply by typing “source:Life” after any image query. Credit Uniwatch ( with the find. According to Paul from Uniwatch when all is said and done the entire Life collection, Ten Million Strong will be listed on Google. Beautiful Pictures like this one of Elvis in Germany

cOr this of Terry Sawchuk:

c-4Pretty gorgeous huh?

On another note, KFC is planning on replacing potholes in Illinois with pavement covered with their own logos. The US government could use the help in highway maintenance and KFC could use the exposure in the States. Personally I think that KFC should be kowtowing at the feet of whatever commissioner there is here in China begging to try the same advertisments in one of the cities over here. Chinese love that krispy original flavored goodness and they definitely love driving like maniacs, so at the very least all those accident victims would have something to look at while they wait for the Men in Blue.,kfc-potholes-road-repair-032609.article

One Love.

“If you walk up to some random person on the street, grab them by the shoulder, and say `Did you just see what I saw?!`….you`ll find that no one wants to talk to you.” -Bill Murray


Everyone knows what the traditional globe usually looks like. North America on the top left, South America on the bottom left, Europe top right, Africa bottom right, Asia far right. The entire globe centered around the Atlantic. Maybe its time we start reconsidering that alignment.

As far as I’m considered the globe was originally positioned that way because it highlighted the global powers of the twentieth century. Europe, mainly England and the United States were the preeminent global powers. England on its way out, the States on its way in. Perhaps now we should start to reposition that globe again. Maybe we should center it around the Pacific for the twenty-first century. The United States is now the declining power and China is the rising force.

China’s request for a new baseline global currency in place of the USD is one of the first multi-lateral economic power moves that “Uncle Wen” and President Hu Jintao have really made. It won’t be the last.

Maybe global warming makes the below map evaporate.

82785111Leaving us with the below one.


About to finish HBO’s “The Wire” and am going to be in need of a new TV series to get into. Any suggestions? For my money, I haven’t seen a single television show of the same caliber as “The Wire,” the complexity of the storylines and their applicability to everyday Americana are what make the show so strong. The structure of the show in itself is unlike anything else I have ever seen and is perhaps the most laudable quality of the show. Each season focuses on a different aspect of Bal’mor’s struggles.

Seasons Themes

  1. Drug War
  2. Ports & City Trade
  3. Politics
  4. Education
  5. Media (particularly newspapers)

These are areas of worry for the nation as a whole and the directors and HBO do a phenomenal job of capturing the struggles of the stereotypical U.S. city. B’More coulda been Deeeeetroit, Chi-Town, Philly, D.C. or Austin.

As of 12:43AM Shanghai time Kanye West’s “Heartless” was still on the top of hype-machine’s web page…how is that piece of crap song still being talked about?

AIG…This is going to continue to get nastier.

Geithner’s own take…bad news when Treasury Secretary (dem) is essentially begging at the feet of those he’s trying to take from…something is a little off with that picture.

Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman’s take on Geithner.

And a couple more takes just for fun.

The picture below should be in every men’s bathroom.